February Flower Exchange

knit-bloggers share the wealth and warm up winter for our fellow stick-weilders


Ready to post...

Flower Exchange package ready to go!

Well, I'm ready to send my gift pack to someone special - but I'll hold off until next week probably in order that it arrive closer to Valentine's Day. :-) I'll mark the package outsite with a "DO NOT OPEN until 14 Feb" or something so that its clear what's comin'.

This has been quite fun!!


hello all!

sorry i havent been ontop of this much, as i've been trying to deal with an uncooperative computer...

i've updated the sidebar, adding the EVER-helpful lisa and any remaining flower pattern links you lovelies had sent me. to the few who dont have blog links... if you do and i just havent linked to them, let me know and i'll fix that.

also, if you comment on this blog under the anon. feature, PLEASE, include either an email address or webpage link with your comment... sometimes its hard to tell who people are. including identificiation just makes it easier for everyone :)

is there ANYONE left who doesnt have someone to knit for? email me. i'm doing the best i can, but i'm human and prone to error, right? i just want this to be the best it can possibly be...

i'm going to go back and edit the post lisa made for me with the buttons, i'll be adding contest rules! so please go back and re-read that one too :)

Finished Flower


Came out well, I think! I've got to base it on felt and add a pin back yet. :)

A few patterns

I did a bit of searching and found the following patterns:

http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter03/PATTfolly.html (at the bottom)
http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/flowers.html (no pic)

Hope it was ok to share these here!


One flower begun!


Sock weight self-striping yarn in pinks and purples


The beginning of my flower

I'm knitting this using a sock-weight acrylic yarn in pinks and purples (my thinking was that, given the choices available to me at the shop, this yarn would be likely to both please the recipient and hold up well to wear). I'm using a pattern from one of Nikki Epstein's books. I'm enjoying it very much. I still need to be buy the yarn for the center of the flower, as well as for the stem.

I'm very glad to finally have the incentive to actually knit a flower! I've wanted to for sometime and just never got 'round to it.

Here are the buttons

They're all so great! I wish I had even a touch of your all's graphic abilities!

Edit (1/24/05):
time to vote on your favorite button! everyone can enter once, please email me (brokedow_tiger at yahoo.com) your vote. all you have to do is simply send me an email with a # in the subject line OR body (the # corresponding to the button you like, of course!) and your vote WILL be counted.

results posted either a. friday or b. when everyone's voted, whichever comes first.

happy knitting!










my computer is playing the "i hate you" game these days, and that combined with the evils of dial-up is making things quite impossible these days. i cant get it to stay online for more than a few minutes, and if i try to do anything involving uploading images, well it just flat out refuses.

i'm looking for a volunteer... someone who could post all of the FFE button submissions for me if i were to email them to you. any one of you can post to this blog once you've accepted your invitation.

i'd really appreciate it, and i'm sure the group would appreciate it too!


finally moving...

i heartily apologize to all who have been waiting anxiously for the start of the flower exchange... i completely forgot i had a houseguest coming on sunday, so i spent all day saturday cleaning. and as i'm 22 and crazy, we've essentially been partying or sleeping ever since. OY! i must be old, cause i could only stay out till THREE am tonight... haha.

but i digress! the list is DONE, we are officially closed to entrants, and it's time to get matched up :) anyone who hasnt received an email from me yet, please contact me. in fact, please contact me ANYWAY to let me know you DID receive your info, cause i AM after all very over-tired, and i could have definatly missed someone. but look, 23 members! not so bad for my first major web-based 'event'!

dont forget, you can post before AND after pics here. i used a random number generator to set up a chain, so you're not getting a flower from the same person you're sending one to. you're free to post pics of your work in progress, and the recipient wont know its theirs until it arrives in the mail :)

i dont know about other areas of the country, but here on long island i could USE some flowers right about now, time to get craftin'!


...on a poppy-seed roll!

(that title's not funny unless you scroll down to the previous post's title.)


this flower exchange needs a button, badly. however, i dont have the software or the skills to make a nice one. sounds like the beginnings of a contest to ME... heh.

design a button for February Flowers. preferably 50X100, but not manditory if you need to go outside of that a bit for design reasons. submit this button to me via email, brokedown_tiger@yahoo.com

all buttons submitted within a week will be posted, and NEXT monday we will have voting. whatever button wins that will become our 'official' February Flowers button for other people to link to us with.

there is, of course, a fabulous prize. i will, personally, create and send an extra flower to the winning button's creator. and you better believe it'll be fantastic :)

best of luck! and again, keep spreading the word about us!

we're on a roll!

only a few days, and already we've got 8 members! (including myself, of course.) lets just hope it keeps going at this rate, so we can have a nice assortment of people to mix up when it comes to the end of sign-up.

please please, if anyone out there knows of any flower patterns that i DONT have in the sidebar send me the address. i'd like to have a pretty broad selection of knit, crochet and felted flower patterns for people to browse when the time comes to start working on your exchange-buddy's flower.

and keep refering people to our little exchange, here. the more the merrier!