February Flower Exchange

knit-bloggers share the wealth and warm up winter for our fellow stick-weilders



I received a great little box with flowers from Amy yesterday. They're great and she put pins on the back. Yay! She also sent me some candy and notecards. Thanks so much Amy! I'll take pics this weekend and get them up early next week. Thanks again and have a great weekend!


No Worries

I hadn't heard anything from the person who has me for this exchange and I wanted to let her know that it's ok that your flower is late (mine is too). I just wanted to make sure that you were not feeling bad. Please feel free to drop me a note and if you don't have time to finish the flower that's ok too.




Hey, now that you mention it, I never recieved flower either. Of course, I also haven't sent one so I guess that's karmic justice. Things got away from me after my Granny passed away late last month. Getting caught up with life again, so I'm planning to mail my flower today.


~ I recieved my flower ~

As of Sat I recieved my flower I wish I had a pic to put up but I have been sick for the last few day that is why it took me so long to post that I recieved it thanks so much!!

no flower for me either

I wasn't going to say anything earlier, but since I see other people have spoken up, I'll join in too. I haven't received a flower for the exchange. I'm also disappointed because I made flowers and sent them to my person mid-February and received no acknowledgement. I don't even know if she got them, she didn't return my email. It was such a fun idea for an exchange, it's a shame it hasn't worked out very well.


No flower here either

As of yesterday, I still have not received a flower. I have however made a whole bunch so I will keep one for myself and send out 1 to anyone else who has not received a flower yet - just let me know!

the final bloom

alright it's time for me to make something HAPPEN here...

if you havent sent a flower to your secret flowery friend yet, please contact them ASAP, and send out a flower ASAP as well. ANYONE who hasn't heard from their flowery friend yet by friday, and is still flowerless... i will personally send you a flower :) i've had... lots of spare time lately, and am looking forward to more time still, so i plan on building up a completed flower stash. they're always good to have around as last minute gifts and all that, right?

so, the quick and dirty:
a. havent sent one yet? let your pal know you're still alive!
b. havent received one yet? let me know on friday and you WILL get a flower.

once this is all resolved, once EVERYONE has a flower in hand and a smile on their face, i'll open up the roll-call for the next flower exchange.

anyone who hasn't sent a flower to their buddy, or at least contacted them to let them know why... i'm sorry, but you wont be able to participate in the next exchange. i'm NOT barring anyone permanently, just from the next exchange. i'm positive there will be more, so keep reading.


I'm flowerless too...

...but I so enjoyed creating one for my flower-friend. :-)

I expect time just got away from some of the flower-folk.

I'm sorry!!

Just last night I realized that it truly is March and the flowers I made are still here! My flowers will be going out this week with a little goody to hopefully make up for the wait! Just in case you are wondering...my flowers are heading for Amanda at www.clothesknit.com. Amanda - I'm sorry for the delay!!


Anyone else?

Anyone else not receive their flower yet? I just wondered if I was the only one. I know a couple people sent their flowers out late, but as it's already March, and it was a February Flower swap, I'm just antsy (and I've been burned before with things like this). Granted, it is still winter outside here, so a flower in early March is still a nice thing to have :)


On its way!

Hidee Ho - I knew I forgot to do something last weekend ... post that my February Flower is winging its way to its new home - well, maybe not winging - afterall, we are referring to the USPS!

I hope my exchange buddy enjoys wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it!