February Flower Exchange

knit-bloggers share the wealth and warm up winter for our fellow stick-weilders



i have to say... i'm somewhat dissapointed in the end result of this project. i'm not sure what to blame it on... time of year, the fact that it's my first time organizing something like this... whatever it may be. needless to say, it's been somewhat difficult to get up the energy to start something like this all over again. believe me, there WILL still be more flower projects in my future... i'm just not quite sure when yet.

last call... anyone who hasn't gotten a flower of some sort yet, please reply to this post and i'll be sure to send one to you. i've made a few extras just for this purpose.

in the event that i DO decide to run another round, does anyone have any ideas for me? any and all suggestions are more than welcome. do i make enrolement by nomination only? invitation? do i have to ask people to provide references?... heh. please! voice your ideas here, let me know how we can make this work next time, i'm absolutely certain it CAN be done.