February Flower Exchange

knit-bloggers share the wealth and warm up winter for our fellow stick-weilders


Flowers Received!

I've posted pix on my blog of the lovely pink trio sent by Laurel. Thanks again, I love them!


I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!

Time has gotten away from me and I'm not quite ready to send my flower to my exchange buddy. I'm so sorry, but I expect it to go out this weekend.

I received my flower from Michelle and I LURVE it!! A picture is posted on my blog (2/22 post) - be sure to check it out!


april showers bring...

may flowers!

as we're nearing the end of february, and the february flower exchange... it's time to start looking ahead to MORE flower-fun.

roll call time...
anyone interested in participating in another flower exchange, this one slated to conclude in early may, please email me at yarNerd@gmail.com, do NOT leave a comment here!! only those who email me will be on the notification list.

i know we're not quite done yet, but i wanted to thank everyone for participating! i hope you had fun, i hope you'll join me again, and... tell your friends!

Almost there!

First, a big Thank You to Monika, who sent me a stunning felted flower:

Really beautiful, the colors are graduated from light to dark and there is just a hint of sparkle with beads and eyelash in the center. It's also quite large - nearly 5" in diameter! Really unique, and I love it! I don't have an email or blog address for Monika, so I do hope she checks here to see that I got it - Thank you, Monika!!

As for my flower, I apologize to my recipient for missing Valentine's Day, but my package will hit the mail tomorrow. Here's a little preview:



~ Better late than never ~

Ok my flower is in the mail and I have no pic to show of it. I though that I better get it in the mail and hope that my swap partner takes a pic of it than wait to get my camera to work to take one first.

So.... if you are my swap partner then can you please send me a pic of the flower that you recieve??


Something in my mail besides bills!

I got my package yesterday from Jeanne! It was so exciting! I checked my mail on the way to dance class, and ran to the apt office to go and pick it up in the 5 min I had before they closed! And, I'm sure I was supposed to wait, but I waited approx 30 seconds, and that was all I could take!! Jeanne was so sweet! Thank you so much! I love everything in the package and the flower is gorgeous! I think I might wear it today!

She also sent me a flower bath sponge, but it is currently in the bathtub and it is a little wet, and it didn't make the picture!

Thank you so much Jeanne! It was such a great treat!

Happy Friday Everyone!


In the mail

My pal's package got picked up yesterday by the mail carrier-- it went out Priority so I'm crossing my fingers she gets it by V-day :)

And it is outa' here!

Hey there gang! Just thought I'd say I sent my box to the recipient yesterday. I sent it priority mail so I hope it makes it before Valentine's Day!

I got my flowers!!


Thank you Colette in NY!! She made these wonderful flower pins for me and I just love them! And, the added treat of beautiful stitch markers and chocolates - what a treat!! Thank you Colette!!

~ Finished my flower last night ~

Ok so my flower is finsihed and I think that it turned out well I will be putting it in the mail tomorrow so pal.... Look out in your mail box!!!!


On its way!

My package went out yesterday via Priority Mail. Should arrive shortly. :)

the home stretch!

less than a week to valentines day :) is everyone getting excited!?

i broke a finger about a week and a half ago (in a stupid garage-door meets icy driveway maneuver, i'm sure we've all done that, right?) and that's SERIOUSLY impeded my knitting progress lately, but i have a grand plan. and with me that's quite dangerous. haha.

my boyfriend has band practice three times a week, and i usually go to at least part of each one. i spend the other parts at borders, the coffee house, in his room sleeping, you know the usual deal. well, at thursday's band practice, i'm going to sit there in the basement with them. the whole time. and knit!

it's really not any hardship to me, they're a blues band and i QUITE like them. i just cant take 5 hours of practice, three times a week. they understand. but that's five solid hours of knitting time to catch up on my flowers, my sockapalooza sock, and ways to spoil my secret pal.

what does this mean? even when i'm organizing an exchange myself, i still have deadline-brainfreeze... but i might. just. make it. fingers crossed, right?

a favor please, could everyone please either email me or post when you've received your flowers? i'd like to update the sidebar as people get their flowers so we'll know when everyone's taken care of :)

brief announcement
i totaly dug doing this (even though i was a bit slow and discombobulated at times... first-time hostessing duties) and I'M GOING TO DO IT AGAIN. watch out for updates on this site, or on my regular blog, for further information. i'm thinking april showers ->may flowers. but since i'll be starting at the beginning of march, and there'll be more time, i think this one will be even more exciting... ooo i bet you just cant wait!


Flowers Mailed!

I sent out my Flowers today. I forgot to take pictures before I packed them up so I can't show you, but I think they came out very pretty!

Ready to go!

Here are the flowers I'm sending out this week. It was fun making them. The rose is a Nicky Epstein design (knitted) and the other two are crocheted out of the Candi Jensen Hooked on Crochet book.


Just about ready to mail!

I'm just about ready to mail my package out. I hope to get it in the post either Monday or Tuesday of next week. Here's a picture of the three flowers I made-- one is felted, and two aren't. I used a pattern from a Spring Issue of IK. I tried one from one of the Nicky Epstein books, but wasn't pleased with the result, so that one won't be going out. I just have to get them packaged up with the couple other goodies I have and they'll be all ready to go out!