February Flower Exchange

knit-bloggers share the wealth and warm up winter for our fellow stick-weilders



they're more like guidelines, but you get the picture :)

sign up:

  • enter on or before january 14th, i will be picking names on the 15th
  • enter by sending an email to brokedown_tiger@yahoo.com
  • in your email include your name, mailing address, any pertinent fiber allergies or sensitivities, and your favorite color(s).

the exchange its self:

  • you will be notified on or before the 17th as to who you are knitting a flower for. their address and other information will be emailed to you, keep it in a safe place!
  • please make at LEAST one flower to send your secret-flower-swap partner. send more flowers, send other items, all is fine with me! as long as there's at LEAST one flower included.
  • flowers should be knit, crochet, or felt
  • take as many pictures as possible! post progress shots, ham it up and take an artistic shot of you dropping off the goodies at the post office... everyone likes a good pic :)
  • mail your flower as close to valentines day as possible, the idea is for everyone to receive their flowers before the end of february.
  • it is 'strongly suggested' that you post an entry in this journal at least twice. once when you mail out your flower, and a second time when you receive one. of course, MORE than twice is fine as well :)

other tidbits:

  • if anyone has the graphic skills to create and donate a FebruaryFlowers button, i'll send you an extra flower!
  • please refer friends and readers of your own journal to this site, i'd like to make this as successful as possible.
  • if you come across any knit or crochet flower patterns that you DONT see on this site, feel free to drop me an email and i'll add them as soon as possible.

hmm, anything else i've forgotten?

everything's coming up roses...

i know that for myself, and many others, february is the darkest month of the year. not LITERALLY speaking, as we've already passed the solstice and the days can only get longer from here on in. but there's just something about the month of february that feels never-ending. like winter will never lift it's dreary veil, and we'll be stuck in that grey month for the rest of time.

wouldnt it be wonderful if, a little after valentines day, you received a hand-knitted flower from another knit-blogger? what a way to make your month brighter!

to sign up for this knit-along, please either leave a comment including your email address, or email me seperatly at brokedown_tiger(at)yahoo.com.

sign-up will last until january 14th, or until we reach 50 members. then, you'll have a month or so to knit (or crochet) a flower and send it to your exchange-buddy.

that's enough info for now, i'll post full "official" rules later. please join! tell your friends! help make february a bright month for somebody else, AND get a flower of your own to proudly display.