February Flower Exchange

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the home stretch!

less than a week to valentines day :) is everyone getting excited!?

i broke a finger about a week and a half ago (in a stupid garage-door meets icy driveway maneuver, i'm sure we've all done that, right?) and that's SERIOUSLY impeded my knitting progress lately, but i have a grand plan. and with me that's quite dangerous. haha.

my boyfriend has band practice three times a week, and i usually go to at least part of each one. i spend the other parts at borders, the coffee house, in his room sleeping, you know the usual deal. well, at thursday's band practice, i'm going to sit there in the basement with them. the whole time. and knit!

it's really not any hardship to me, they're a blues band and i QUITE like them. i just cant take 5 hours of practice, three times a week. they understand. but that's five solid hours of knitting time to catch up on my flowers, my sockapalooza sock, and ways to spoil my secret pal.

what does this mean? even when i'm organizing an exchange myself, i still have deadline-brainfreeze... but i might. just. make it. fingers crossed, right?

a favor please, could everyone please either email me or post when you've received your flowers? i'd like to update the sidebar as people get their flowers so we'll know when everyone's taken care of :)

brief announcement
i totaly dug doing this (even though i was a bit slow and discombobulated at times... first-time hostessing duties) and I'M GOING TO DO IT AGAIN. watch out for updates on this site, or on my regular blog, for further information. i'm thinking april showers ->may flowers. but since i'll be starting at the beginning of march, and there'll be more time, i think this one will be even more exciting... ooo i bet you just cant wait!


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