February Flower Exchange

knit-bloggers share the wealth and warm up winter for our fellow stick-weilders


Almost there!

First, a big Thank You to Monika, who sent me a stunning felted flower:

Really beautiful, the colors are graduated from light to dark and there is just a hint of sparkle with beads and eyelash in the center. It's also quite large - nearly 5" in diameter! Really unique, and I love it! I don't have an email or blog address for Monika, so I do hope she checks here to see that I got it - Thank you, Monika!!

As for my flower, I apologize to my recipient for missing Valentine's Day, but my package will hit the mail tomorrow. Here's a little preview:



At 2:14 PM, Blogger sauvageblue said...

Febuary Flower Exchange what a incredible idea.
I just came across your blog and I would love to part of this if you do it again. The flowers are beautiful!!!!

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